Many property management companies and real estate agents will be affected by the new changes to Craigslist.
According to this article, there are definitely some frustrations with this change, but there are some things we can do.

“The largest frustration with the change comes from a lack of communication from Craigslist. Since the change, Craigslist has offered no explanation or details on what they did, how many people it has affected, or what there plans are for the future. There is speculation that this change may be a lead up to additional monetizing strategies from Craigslist, though no proof has been received on that note. What do you think? Have you noticed the change? Do you see it affecting your business?”

In addition, our property management software company, Appfolio, is quickly coming up with fixes for craiglist that will help us continue to post quality ads quickly and efficiently. The good thing to remember is that our ads are posted on hundreds of rental listing sites out there as well and that Craiglist has never been the end all for searching for a place to rent.

According to Appfolio’s recent email to all its clients, these are their thoughts:

“Craigslist’s decision is frustrating and difficult to understand. Making it more challenging and time consuming for property managers to post vacancies just doesn’t make much sense!
As this change affects all providers who post to Craigslist we do believe there will be a surge in awareness and drive by the other rental listing sites (Zillow, Trulia,, etc) who allow for professional ads, easy vacancy posting and the ability to include links back to rental applications and websites. The highest quality renters are using a variety of outlets to search – a recent J. Turner Research survey of over 41K renters (focused on understanding a renter’s search) found that 64% of residents surveyed used an Internet Listing Service as their search source; compared with 20% who used Craigslist.”

Get the word out, as more and more potential tenants will be turning to these rental listing sites to search.
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Posted by: cochranepm on November 22, 2013
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