Fiscal Year 2014 Utility Rate Changes
A Public Hearing was scheduled for June 11, 2013 by the City Council to discuss the details of proposed utility rate changes.  A 4 percent across the board rate increase was proposed for wastewater rates to offset the increasing costs of maintaining, operating, and rehabilitating the wastewater system.   Trash and recycling rates reflect changes due to implementation of a new contract with the City’s hauler, Marborg Industries. All rate changes, will take effect on utility bills dated July 1, 2013 or later.

Water Rates
During a drought, the City relies on its customers to preserve remaining water supplies through extraordinary water conservation. At the same time, the City faces increased costs to maintain essential water service, including more expensive capital and operating costs to increase drought water supplies from groundwater and water purchases.

The City is proposing drought water rates to provide a portion of the revenue needed for the City’s cost of water service, and to encourage extraordinary water conservation to ensure the City maintains sufficient drinking water supplies for its customers. You can see the proposed rate changes on our Water Rate Changes webpage.

Wastewater Rates
(Applicable only to customers billed by the City for sewer service).
The proposed wastewater rate change is a 5.5% percent increase to the City’s current charges for all customer classes. The maximum monthly charge for a single family residential customer would increase by $2.22 under the proposed rates. The proposed increase will fund operating costs, as well as replacement and repair of the City’s aging sewer system. This includes replacement of critical facilities at the wastewater treatment plant. The City will expand the number of non-residential customer classifications during FY 2015. All non-residential accounts will have the same 5.5% rate increase during FY 2015 as for residential accounts.

Trash and Recycling
(Applicable only to customers billed by the City for trash/recycling collection).

The proposed rate schedule includes an increase for all customer classes (Single Family Residential, Multi-Unit Residential and Business) of up to 1.6%, comprised of the following components: 
    1) 0.9% which represents an an increase in the amounts paid to the City’s contracted hauler tied to the increase in the Consumer Price Index (CPI) and, 
    b) increases to the “tipping fees” charged by the processing and/or disposal sites that receive City waste.

The City is contractually obligated to compensate its franchised waste hauler for these increases; as well as a new fee of 0.7% to fund the long-term repair and replacement of the City’s public trash and recycling containers.

In addition to the 1.6% increase described above, rates for Multi-Unit Residential carts and cans will increase by 2%, and Multi Unit dumpsters will decrease by 2%. These adjustments are part of the City’s long term plan to bring Multi-Unit dumpster and cart/can rates to an equivalent price per gallon regardless of the type of container serviced. The impact of this change on actual bills will vary depending upon each Multi-Unit Residential customer’s specific mix of cars/carts and dumpster service.

Find more information on water & sewer rates online on this link.  You can also find more information regarding trash & recycling rates at this link. 
Questions regarding water and sewer rates can be directed to (805) 564-5460. 
For questions on solid waste rates and recycling, please call (805) 564-5631.

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